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Aviva gets real on illiquid assets

Five months into Aviva Investors’ strategy to merge its real assets teams under one leadership, Mark Versey and Iain Forrester discuss the new strategy and how it fits with the firm’s approach to servicing third-party insurers. By Vincent Huck

Insurers hear train coming

Europe's liberalisation move in the rail sector provides ample promises of returns for institutional investors such as insurers. Despite tailwinds from the legislators and regulators, investors still have to manage the complexity of such deals as well as the risks they incur to ultimately be on the right track. David Walker reports

A look back and forward

The current year was relatively benign for the insurance investment industry. But 2018 holds new challenges. What risks and what opportunities should investors be looking at in the coming year? Sarfraz Thind reports

UK's interest rate rise: the reaction

Last week's interest rate hike by the Bank of England was highly anticipated, but the Bank's longer-term strategy has come under scrutiny in light of Brexit and rising inflation. Practitioners share their take on what UK insurers can expect. Asa Gibson reports

Brexit the great infrastructure unknown

With huge competition and a small pool of opportunities, infrastructure investment is not easy in the UK. And things are likely to be even less stable post-Brexit. But could the divorce from the EU actually be a boon for insurance investors? Sarfraz Thind reports

Hard Brexit and time for Trump

The uncertainties that flowed into 2017 as a result of the unexpected events of 2016 are beginning to become clearer, and insurers can begin to adjust their asset allocation accordingly. Asa Gibson reports

The 2017 investment agenda

The 2017 investment agenda

With 2016 drawing to a close, investors on behalf of insurers can look back on what was a particularly challenging year. They will be keen to steady the ship and step up investment performance in 2017. Asa Gibson reports