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No hunt for yield Down Under

While Europe's underwriters are beset by the plague of low yields - epitomised by Swiss debt where yields on maturities out to 50 years are now uniformly negative - the picture is much more mixed in Australia. David Walker reports

Finding the rewards in low interest rates

Foresters Friendly Society's chief investment officer Corrado Pistarino explains why he believes it's a fallacy to think low interest rates constitute "unrewarded risk". Interview by Vincent Huck

Emerging markets outlook infected by a virus

Easing in geopolitical tensions combined with encouraging economic factors suggest a good year ahead for emerging markets, but will insurers take the bait considering economic disruptions from the latest coronavirus outbreak? Stephanie Harris and Vincent Huck report

South Korean insurers in the low rates storm

Some South Korean insurers are making 1% too little from their investments to cover their promises. David Walker reports on the investment challenges the industry faces, and how it is coping.

Conning: Sipping at the top table

Insurance assets are the mine asset managers have been looking to tap into in the last few years. Conning has built out its business to do exactly that, and now takes a place on the top table. Chief executive Woody Bradford explains how. By Sarfraz Thind

Which way is the wind blowing in Hong Kong?

In the last few months the narrative has changed in the pearl of Asia, and it is not all down to protests. Indeed, insurers are shifting their focus on what they perceive to be the biggest challenges and opportunities. Vincent Huck reports