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It was all 'keep calm and carry on' for insurers in H1, GSAM's Comon says

If insurers were ever characterised as slow to move and tardy to change, Goldman Sachs Asset Management head of insurance for EMEA Etienne Comon has another perspective. He talks to David Walker about the challenges insurers faced in H1 2020 and how their speedy reaction has aided resilience.

Regulators have the sustainability power

JP Morgan Asset Management and Insurance Asset Risk have joined forces to understand what lies under the bonnet of insurers' responsible investment announcements. Findings were compiled in a report. We present some of the key high- level discoveries, with part one focusing on regulation. Vincent Huck reports

Lloyd's - an investor in all but name?

The 330-year-old institution might have made its name with insurance, but in recent years its investments, with the help of third-party asset managers, have countered heavy losses from the liability side of the balance sheet. Is the old dog learning new tricks, David Walker asks

Storebrand: Fighting fires in the Amazon

It's the climate at stake, Storebrand AM's CEO Jan Erik Saugestad says. The Norwegian insurance asset manager is part of a coalition which aims to hold climate-unfriendly governments accountable. Scoring a success in Brazil's Amazon fires battle last month is just the start, says its CEO. Interview by Sarfraz Thind

ESG's negative impact on returns - myth or reality?

A growing number of insurers have announced new or upgraded sustainable investment strategies in recent years. JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) and Insurance Asset Risk have joined forces to investigate the drivers behind insurers' sustainable strategies. Vincent Huck reports on the high-level key findings

Mortgages - safe as houses, or 'waiving' goodbye to repayment returns?

Home loans have proved popular with Europe's insurers, to the tune of €237bn invested in 2019, but that was in the good times. As many underwriters holding them are forced to delay collecting repayments amid COVID-19, some are re-running stress tests on their portfolios, David Walker finds

Comment: Global insurance CIOs well-positioned to weather COVID-19 storms

Many insurers had already reduced portfolio risks in view of expensive valuations and anticipated credit cycle concerns, with the events of 2020 enabling accelerated decision making to capitalise on market dislocations, Etienne Comon writes on the back of Goldman Sachs Asset Management's annual insurance asset management survey.

Did the Fed kill the bond market?

Hopes were high at the end of March for investors to profit from the Fed's QE intervention and access a rejuvenated credit sector. The once-in-a-lifetime returns have, however, swiftly disappeared, and investors are back to staring at the ghost of bond market past. So what next? Sarfraz Thind reports