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IAR Americas: Are we in an atypical credit cycle?

At the Insurance Asset Risk Americas 2019 conference, four CIOs of insurance companies gave their views on taking smart risks. In the first of a two-part series, they discuss the nature of the current credit cycle and where they find relative value. Compiled by Vincent Huck

Will BBB come back to bite?

Is the end of the credit cycle really in sight and, if so, are European insurers at risk of seeing their high yield assets coming back to bite them? A wave of credit downgrades could significantly impact solvency ratios and put insurers in the position of forced sellers. But how worried should they be? Vincent Huck reports

Insurers get defensive in the face of Brexit fears

In the three years since the UK voted to leave the European Union, the emotional pendulum has swung from hope to despair – regardless of where one stands on the issue – making fertile ground for comments. But what do the numbers say when looking at insurers' asset allocation in the years since the referendum? Vincent Huck reports.

IAR EMEA conference: questions from the audience

The audience for the chief investment officer panel at Insurance Asset Risk’s European conference asked a lot of questions that couldn’t be answered in the time available. Vincent Huck caught up with Massimo Di Tria, CIO at Cattolica Assicurazioni, to get his responses.

IAR’s European conference: CIOs' outlook

At Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2019 conference, three CIOs of European insurers gave their outlook on the current environment. In the third of a three-part series, they discuss considerations in the late stage of the cycle. Compiled by Vincent Huck

Insurers are becoming specialists in private markets

In their search for yield, insurers have become so accustomed with private assets they are now able to generate their own deals and perform in-depth analysis in-house, according to panellists at Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2019 conference. Vincent Huck reports

Investment challenges arising from shifting insurance business models

At Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2019 conference European insurers discuss as part of a panel the shifts in insurance business models and the ramification for investments strategies. In this first part of a two-part series, they discuss the ongoing consolidation in the market. Compiled by David Walker

African infrastructure, an asset class underserved by insurers

Sanjeev Gupta, executive director at Africa Finance Corporation and former CEO of Sanlam Investment Management Emerging Markets operations speaks to Insurance Asset Risk about mitigating risks in African infrastructure investments and why insurers are under-investing in the asset class. Interview by Vincent Huck