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Emerging markets: opportunities beyond headline risk

Despite a lot of negative headlines in the summer, emerging markets are still a strategically important asset class for insurers, Sanjay Yodh and Kevin Daly of Aberdeen Standard Investments tell Vincent Huck. But the asset class is tainted by prejudices.

Comment: the rules of engagement

The same day a report highlighting investors’ shortcomings in coal investment policies was published, investors with a combined $32trn in assets demanded governments increase action on climate change. Vincent Huck tries to reconcile the news

IFRS 17 & 9 series: a fork in the road

In the final part of this series on the impact of the international financial reporting standards (Ifrs) on insurers' financial reporting, Vincent Huck looks at the potential impact of the standards on risk appetite, and why insurers want to postpone implementing them.

Penn Mutual AM targeting the smaller insurer

Penn Mutual Asset Management is on the lookout for insurer assets. Since it rebranded in 2014, the Penn Mutual affiliate has been saying it is on a push to target the small-tier US insurance market that it believes to be poorly catered for by larger asset managers. But does it have what smaller insurers want? By Sarfraz Thind

African insurance - a premium led business

Hurdles remain to generate investment returns in Africa for insurers, panellists tell the audience at a London event held under the Chatham House rule and attended by Vincent Huck.

US not changing on climate

New York, US. The US insurance industry has been a laggard when it comes to embracing investments to mitigate climate change. Many insurers remain suspicious of the need for it unlike their European counterparts. It is a deeply divisive, political issue, according to professionals. Sarfraz Thind reports