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Aberdeen Standard Investments' CIO's interesting 12 months

Rod Paris, CIO at Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), talks about the company's transformational twelve months following the merger and that cancelled Scottish Widows mandate, likely to cost the company some 20% of its assets. By Sarfraz Thind

SimCorp on the investment technology drive

As insurers push further into the asset management space, investment technology will become ever more critical to business performance. Klaus Holse, CEO of SimCorp, talks to Sarfraz Thind about how the firm is helping insurers grow their investment operations.

Five minutes with: Gjensidige's CIO Erik Ranberg

Norwegian insurer's chief investment officer talks to Insurance Asset Risk about his concerns regarding real rates, a lack of duration in the bond market, regulatory ambiguity, political risk and the need for active management. Asa Gibson reports

The unorthodox CIO behind MetLife's expansion

MetLife's CIO Steve Goulart manages one of the biggest and most diverse insurance asset portfolios in the US. While the insurer is feeling the pinch of low interest rates, its diversification has helped to calm some of the yield pressure. Sarfraz Thind reports

Sega drives Conning to new frontiers

Rich Sega has been driving Conning towards a more diversified asset base to meet the challenges that US insurers face in the low yield environment. He talks to Sarfraz Thind about the shifting demands of US insurers.