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The gilts crisis roils markets

The UK government's disastrous foray into budget setting last week has been treated with dismay and disgust by market participants. Amid plunging sterling and soaring gilt yields can insurance investors hold on? Sarfraz Thind reports

The NAIC's alternative to agency ratings

Ahead of the end of the public comment period next week on potential changes to the NAIC's reliance on rating agencies, Amnon Levy and Bill Poutsiaka explore the implications of such changes for insurers

Biden's Infla... Investment Reduction Act?

The US Chamber of Commerce has criticised President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, warning that it will "discourage investments" and "undermine economic growth", but do the means justify the ends when it comes to ESG? Abbie Wood finds out

The Evolving CLO Regulatory Landscape

Amnon Levy looks at the changes to the treatment of CLOs that are being considered by the NAIC and insurance regulators and questions their risk profile against equally rated corporate bonds - how do their lifetime risks stack up?

The US insurers' take on the net-zero journey

Net-zero is a worthy aspiration—but US insurers bemoan the lack of available data to pave the way to get there, during an Insurance Asset Risk webinar. Sarfraz Thind reports