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Germany's ZZR remains a conundrum for insurers

Calculating pay-ins in Germany's Zinszusatzreserve (ZZR) was overhauled in 2018 to reduce pressure on German insurers to build the reserve too quickly by selling valuable investments just to satisfy mandatory contributions. Has the reform been just a 'one-year wonder'? David Walker investigates

Sunlife CIO on the art of catching flying daggers

COVID-19 was the 'known unknown' that Randy Brown, CIO at SunLife, has been preparing for the best part of the last five years. So, when markets went into turmoil in H1 2020 the only question that remained was one of timing: when to catch the falling knife? Interview by Vincent Huck

US insurers timidly assessing climate risk

From increasingly fierce wildfires in California to recurring hurricane hits to the country's southern and eastern seaboards, US insurers are only too familiar with some intensifying effects of climate change, but are they doing anything about it? David Walker takes the temperature.

Climate lawyer urges CIOs to pressure sovereigns on climate

Australian government faces spotlight - and the dock - over poor bond disclosure. David Barnden, the lawyer who is taking the class action suit to the court, talks to David Walker about the case, and why institutional investors might want to join retail ones in litigating

In conversation: Guernsey's regulator on green capital charges

The director of banking and insurance, Jeremy Quick, and the assistant director, Matthew Tanner, at Guernsey Financial Services Commission talk to Vincent Huck about their recent proposal to introduce a 'green discount' for fixed income investments in the jurisdiction's solvency rules.

Q&A with Boulder County commissioner Elise Jones

Boulder County, one of the 64 counties of the USA state of Colorado, issued a proclamation calling on insurers to stop underwriting and investing in activities perpetuating fossil fuel extraction. County commissioner, Elise Jones, talks about what the jurisdiction is trying to achieve and the lack of political leadership on climate at the USA federal level. Interview by Vincent Huck