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Asia Pacific: a chief economist perspective

Clarence Wong, chief economist and head of economic research & consulting for Swiss Re in Asia-Pacific, talks to Vincent Huck about the current trends in Asia and why insurers have not yet harnessed the investment opportunities of the Greater Bay Area or the Belt & Road Initiative.

South Korean insurers in the low rates storm

Some South Korean insurers are making 1% too little from their investments to cover their promises. David Walker reports on the investment challenges the industry faces, and how it is coping.

Which way is the wind blowing in Hong Kong?

In the last few months the narrative has changed in the pearl of Asia, and it is not all down to protests. Indeed, insurers are shifting their focus on what they perceive to be the biggest challenges and opportunities. Vincent Huck reports

Hong Kong's Insurance Authority "no longer a start-up"

Opening the second Asian Insurance Forum, the Hong Kong Insurance Authority chairman Moses Cheng rejoiced at the organisation's new status as a fully-fledged independent regulator and highlighted the work ahead. Vincent Huck reports

New investment risks or new assessment of risk?

Panellists at Insurance Asset Risk's sister publication InsuranceERM's conference discuss the new types of risks they are exposed to and whether they understand those risks well. Highlights compiled by Stephanie Harris

Sustainability: to regulate or not regulate?

Financial regulation has a role to play in tackling climate change, but it cannot be a silver bullet. So the time has come for policymakers to step up their game, delegates at the Insurance and Climate Risk conference heard. Vincent Huck reports

Rating the agencies

A report by the alternative credit council calls out insurer use of ratings agencies for private credit. Given their failings in the financial crisis are the criticisms justified? Sarfraz Thind reports

Is winter coming? Allianz's US CIO ponders the market

Allianz's US CIO Todd Hedtke has three main economic concerns right now—low rates, volatility and credit. He talks about the macro environment and how he is navigating the insurer's path through potentially inclement weather. Interview by Sarfraz Thind

How low and how long?

Low interest rates are here to stay, might be the only consensus in the insurance investment market right now. But how low and how long will they stay remains an unanswered question. A panel of two economists and a consultant tried to provide some answers. Vincent Huck reports