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Sustainability and Solvency II: an imprudent regime

Aviva Investors' Steve Waygood and Ben Carr, discuss integrating sustainability risk to Solvency II capital requirements, and why in some respect the prudential regulation is ‘imprudent’. Interview by Vincent Huck

Sustainability and Solvency II: Is the frog dead yet?

If the planet is a frog in a saucepan heated by the market, at the moment we are only taking the temperature and not reducing the heat, according to Steve Waygood, chief responsible investment officer, and Ben Carr, analytics and capital modelling director, at Aviva Investors. Interview by Vincent Huck

IAR Americas: Are we in an atypical credit cycle?

At the Insurance Asset Risk Americas 2019 conference, four CIOs of insurance companies gave their views on taking smart risks. In the first of a two-part series, they discuss the nature of the current credit cycle and where they find relative value. Compiled by Vincent Huck

The cost of equity in insurers’ SCRs

What is the correlation between equity holdings in investment portfolios and the weight of market risk in insurers’ solvency capital requirements? Daisy Blake, Insurance Risk Data quantitative research analyst, looks for answers in European non-life insurers’ filings.

Spurring sustainable investments with capital charges

The question of capital charges punishing ‘brown’ investments or incentivising ‘green’ investments has come to the fore. While regulators are asking for risk-based evidence, stakeholders are not all in agreement on how to proceed. Vincent Huck reports

Will BBB come back to bite?

Is the end of the credit cycle really in sight and, if so, are European insurers at risk of seeing their high yield assets coming back to bite them? A wave of credit downgrades could significantly impact solvency ratios and put insurers in the position of forced sellers. But how worried should they be? Vincent Huck reports

Investing in venture debt: pros and cons

David Turner looks at why venture debt might be an attractive investment for insurers, bearing in mind the constraints around size of the deals and the regulatory treatment incurred.

IAR EMEA conference: questions from the audience

The audience for the chief investment officer panel at Insurance Asset Risk’s European conference asked a lot of questions that couldn’t be answered in the time available. Vincent Huck caught up with Massimo Di Tria, CIO at Cattolica Assicurazioni, to get his responses.

Prudential planning

Ken Tanji assumed the role of CFO at Prudential in December. He gives a wide-ranging interview covering all aspects of the insurer’s business from the much derided Sifi designation, to investment risk and impact investing. Interview by Sarfraz Thind