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The path to net-zero

Knowing how best to get a portfolio to zero greenhouse gas emissions will be a skill CIOs need to hone, as David Walker hears from AXA Investment Managers.

The RBC changes: a slow-moving Titanic

It is a slow change, even by the notoriously slow standards of the insurance industry. However, the soon-to-be instigated changes to the NAIC's risk-based capital charges on fixed income assets could have significant ramifications for the US insurance investment portfolio. And many don't like it. Sarfraz Thind reports

Inflation - the rising concern among CIOs

Once the elephant in the room for most insurance investors, inflation or the threat of it, is creeping up the ladder of chief investment officers' risks. Stephanie Harris reports

Comment: The Cold War over non-financial disclosures

The fragmented landscape of non-financial disclosures is consolidating, and it is geopolitical considerations that are driving the emergence of winners, and the downfall of the rest. Vincent Huck surveys the battlefield and predicts who will emerge victorious.

What is driving real asset investment decisions?

In an increasingly complex environment where returns can be scarce one could have expected CIOs to give answers based on fundamentals, but instead, their investment decisions seem to be driven by a greater cause - purpose, as Vincent Huck finds out

When actuarial science gets political

German insurers warn EU policy makers not to try and fix what is not broken in Solvency II, they also advise against politicising the rules which would lead to a skewed version of risk. David Walker reports

CIO interview: Balancing internal and external clients at an insurer's affiliate

SCOR decided to fully centralise the investment process at group level in 2008, and open asset management services to third-party clients in 2011. Francois De Varenne, in charge of today's €20bn investment portfolio, explains the rational around the decision, how it went about building the current structure. Interview by Vincent Huck

Nine lessons from general account investing in 2021

2020 bruised many chief investment officers who had to fight to maintain their general accounts. But insurers' full-year results are revealing that the year wasn't a losing battle for many. David Walker reports