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Insurers are becoming specialists in private markets

In their search for yield, insurers have become so accustomed with private assets they are now able to generate their own deals and perform in-depth analysis in-house, according to panellists at Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2019 conference. Vincent Huck reports

Regulators' role in preventing greenwashing

The French regulator's director for research and risk analysis Laurent Clerc explains the difficulty of acting on the climate change imperative and the challenges for the regulator to monitor 'greenwashing'. Interview by Vincent Huck

US yield curve inversion - run for the hills?

Like a bad tarot card, an inverted US yield curve normally means economic doom. March’s inversion has now morphed into the most inverted yield curve since 2007. It is likely to have insurers gazing into their charts to see how to tackle their investments. Sarfraz Thind reports

Steering investments at Hong Kong's flagship insurer

Mark Konyn, chief investment officer at AIA Group, meets with Insurance Asset Risk in Hong Kong and explains how the insurer centralised its group-wide investment function and the potential impact regulatory changes that are sweeping through the region might have on its asset allocation. Interview by Vincent Huck

Q&A: Introducing risk-based capital in Hong Kong

David Alexander, head of P&C reinsurance Hong Kong & Taiwan at Swiss Re, and chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers taskforce on RBC has been directly involved in liaison with the Insurance Authority on the introduction of the new regulation. Interview by Vincent Huck.

Navigating the seas of illiquidity

Benjama Serra, senior vice president at Moody’s Investors Services, explains why illiquid investments in insurers’ portfolios are like brackish seawater, and why allocation to them is bound to increase. Interview by Vincent Huck