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Did the Fed kill the bond market?

Hopes were high at the end of March for investors to profit from the Fed's QE intervention and access a rejuvenated credit sector. The once-in-a-lifetime returns have, however, swiftly disappeared, and investors are back to staring at the ghost of bond market past. So what next? Sarfraz Thind reports

China - the giant no longer asleep

Ben Deng, chief investment officer of China Pacific Insurance Group, the third largest life and P&C insurer in China, tells David Walker how the Chinese market is coping with COVID-19 disruptions, and how China will come out of it stronger.

Shift to investing in APAC, particularly China, not going away with COVID-19

The pandemic and its effect on the economy and markets will not affect allocation trends towards emerging markets and in particular increased interest in Chinese opportunities. Invesco head of EMEA for fixed income Nick Tolchard discusses the reasons why China remains a land of opportunities. Interview by Stephanie Harris

The rise of social investing amid COVID-19

Elisabeth Stadler, chief executive of Vienna Insurance Group, has been one of the industry's most long-standing advocates of social investing - the "S" in ESG. As combating COVID-19 heightens the general awareness of socially-minded investing, she discusses the topic with David Walker