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Is it really a small world after all? Protectionism strikes back

Most insurers’ chief investment officers and asset managers have grown up investing during the long trend of beneficial globalisation. The trend was their friend. But as evidence of its unravelling builds, they are asking if the elastic is just stretching or about to snap back. Vincent Huck went in search of answers

French insurers partner up for major unlisted SME funding initiative

From Axa France to BNP Paribas Cardif and CNP Assurances, France’s largest have helped unlock €22.2bn of fund-based investments for French small caps. Their early-stage returns may be unclear. But their ambitions for the next phase of their investment is only the greater, the heavy hitters tell Vincent Huck

Asian insurance AuM gold rush

Regulatory changes in Asia combined with challenging local market conditions are teasing Asian insurers’ interest in diversifying their investments abroad, this could be a gold rush for Western asset managers. Vincent Huck reports

At the helm of Europe's giant general account

Pascal Christory, chief investment officer at Axa Group, describes the difficult balance between centralisation and flexibility in an international group's investment strategy. Interview by David Walker

Ifrs 17 - accuracy over clarity

Colin Dutkiewicz, chair of the life board at the UK Institute and Faculty of Actuaries cuts through the complexity of accounting standard Ifrs 17, examining its potential impact on insurers' investment strategies and asset allocation, as well as on their overall operations. Interview by Vincent Huck

Hard Brexit risks leaving UK insurers on a 'capital cliff edge'

As a no-deal Brexit hovers over the financial industry like the sword of Damocles, sovereign holdings could be a bigger risk for the solvency positions of UK insurers' than for their European rivals. The Association of British Insurers wants the regulator to act, and fast

Did you say impact?

Every investment has an impact, so what is meant by ‘impact investing’ and how can one measure the impact of an investment. Vincent Huck reports on a new measurement framework launched by the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Crédit Agricole Assurances – a quiet strength

Jean-Jacques Duchamp, deputy chief executive officer of Crédit Agricole Assurances, discusses the group’s asset allocation strategy and why coal is not off its agenda yet. Interview by Vincent Huck