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New investment risks or new assessment of risk?

Panellists at Insurance Asset Risk's sister publication InsuranceERM's conference discuss the new types of risks they are exposed to and whether they understand those risks well. Highlights compiled by Stephanie Harris

Is winter coming? Allianz's US CIO ponders the market

Allianz's US CIO Todd Hedtke has three main economic concerns right now—low rates, volatility and credit. He talks about the macro environment and how he is navigating the insurer's path through potentially inclement weather. Interview by Sarfraz Thind

Sunny side up at Pacific Life

Tod Nasser is in charge of Pacific Life’s $53bn fixed income portfolio. While the rest of the market appears bedevilled by change and uncertainty, he is positive for now. Indeed, looking at the liquidity situation, buoyant corporate earnings and the health of the US consumer, it certainly is not as risky a world as it was before the financial crisis. Sarfraz Thind reports

What assets do CIOs like that CROs don’t?

A panel of CROs and CIOs at Insurance Asset Risk Americas conference reveals the investment decisions that prove most challenging to the relationship between risk and investment teams. Vincent Huck reports

IAR Americas: CIOs discuss how and where to take smart risks

At the Insurance Asset Risk Americas 2019 conference, four CIOs of insurance companies gave their views on taking smart risks. In the second of a two-part series, they discuss the processes they use and how they characterise their alternative portfolios. Compiled by Vincent Huck