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USA insurers Q3 investments: dare to dream

Second quarter insurance results were not quite as savage as many had been predicting earlier in the year. With Q3 looming on the horizon what risks can the industry expect to face up to and are we out of the woods yet? Sarfraz Thind reports

IAR Americas: Round the world of credit

Insurers examine the impact of COVID-19 on different asset classes in the credit and structured bond universe and how they feel about future performance, during a panel discussion at Insurance Asset Risk Americas. Compiled by Stephanie Harris

CIOs turn from managing investments to managing expectations

A panel of chief investment officers told the audience of Insurance Asset Risk's 2020 Americas event that their job coming out of the COVID-19 crisis will be as much about managing expectations of how much their investment portfolios can actually deliver, as it is about managing the investments themselves. Compiled by Stephanie Harris

Sustainability - the external asset managers' view

Research by Insurance Asset Risk, sponsored by JP Morgan Asset Management, has revealed the sometimes-challenging relationships between insurers and their external asset managers, as well as were both players complement each other. JPMAM's Mark Oldcorn and Jennifer Wu comment on some of the findings. Interview by Vincent Huck

Stress-tested: How COVID-19 put insurers' investments under pressure

The impact of the pandemic on insurers' claims remains unknown, and estimates vary widely. However, market turbulence in H1 has clearly impacted the asset side of insurers' balance sheets. Already, though, underwriters are looking ahead and rethinking investment decisions and ensuring resilience. Vincent Huck surveys the damage done and the plans afoot

Lower-for-longer interest rates opens up EMD opportunities

Emerging market sovereign debt is starting to find a place in insurers portfolios as they scratch around for return in the low rate environment. While still in its early days, insurance investors feel the asset class could become a shining light for insurance asset allocation. Stephanie Harris reports

USA insurers search for the golden age of credit

For the harried insurer, dealing with a projected lifetime of low interest rates, is there any value left in the corporate bond market? Some believe there is, and particularly so in that much-derided BBB segment. Sarfraz Thind reports