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Rendez-Vous de Septembre: Clouded optimism in uncertain times

The annual reinsurance meeting in Monte Carlo is a good barometer to measure the sector's health. This year, amid successfully managing last year's losses from natural disasters, reinsurers' indicators seem to be flashing 'green'. But uncertainty still looms like black clouds in the distance. Vincent Huck reports

Insurers and asset managers: a relationship in turmoil

The relationship between insurers and their asset manager is evolving, shifted by macroeconomic changes, regulations, fee pressures and new asset dynamics. Insurers say they want more from their asset managers. But more of what precisely? And how are managers responding? IAR asks the industry. By Sarfraz Thind

How to connect new technologies with strategy

MetLife's chief digital officer Greg Baxter talks to Paul Walsh about which technologies are his top priorities, how such technologies can be applied to asset liability management in a Solvency II environment and what investments the firm is making in the digital economy.

"Actuaries and asset managers have cultural differences like Chinese and Europeans"- Schroders' Perisse

Ghislain Périssé joined Schroders as head of insurance strategy in the insurance asset management team in May of this year. Previously at Axa Investment Management, Périssé is based out of Paris, but on a visit to London he sat down with Vincent Huck to discuss the cultural rift between actuaries and asset managers. In this first of a two-part article, he also discusses his move, the differences between in-house and third-party insurance asset managers, and how countries' cultures have influenced Solvency II implementation.

Impact investing or impact washing?

Insurers say they can find financial value in ESG investing, but they have to be wise to investments that don't deliver on their stated goals. And while ESG can mean different things to different stakeholders, a push for standardisation is not always welcome, according to panellists at Insurance Asset Risk's 2018 EMEA conference. Vincent Huck reports

UK insurers could be forced to disclose climate risk by 2022

A UK parliamentary committee has called on government to act if regulators fail on implementing climate risk disclosures. While some witnesses highlighted to the committee the insurers' exposure to climate-related risk, some pointed out that thanks to Solvency II rules they might be ahead of the game. Michael Hurley and Vincent Huck report