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Prudential's CIO on running the biggest show in town

In the first of a two-part interview, Tim Schmidt, CIO of the biggest insurance portfolio in the USA, talks about steering Prudential Financial through the most devastating crisis of recent times. Despite headwinds, he remains optimistic of the company's ability to withstand challenges ahead - By Sarfraz Thind

IAR Americas: Round the world of credit

Insurers examine the impact of COVID-19 on different asset classes in the credit and structured bond universe and how they feel about future performance, during a panel discussion at Insurance Asset Risk Americas. Compiled by Stephanie Harris

Q&A with Boulder County commissioner Elise Jones

Boulder County, one of the 64 counties of the USA state of Colorado, issued a proclamation calling on insurers to stop underwriting and investing in activities perpetuating fossil fuel extraction. County commissioner, Elise Jones, talks about what the jurisdiction is trying to achieve and the lack of political leadership on climate at the USA federal level. Interview by Vincent Huck

The art of liquidity stress testing

Panellists at the Insurance Asset Risk 2020 Americas event discuss the ins and outs of liquidity stress testing, from the design of the test to the use of the results. Compiled by Stephanie Harris

CIOs turn from managing investments to managing expectations

A panel of chief investment officers told the audience of Insurance Asset Risk's 2020 Americas event that their job coming out of the COVID-19 crisis will be as much about managing expectations of how much their investment portfolios can actually deliver, as it is about managing the investments themselves. Compiled by Stephanie Harris

USA insurers search for the golden age of credit

For the harried insurer, dealing with a projected lifetime of low interest rates, is there any value left in the corporate bond market? Some believe there is, and particularly so in that much-derided BBB segment. Sarfraz Thind reports

The year USA investors woke to social investing

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the most vulnerable parts of society and highlighted social inequalities globally. In the USA, this combined with the death of George Floyd and the revitalisation of the Black Lives Matter movement, has prompted insurers to embrace 'social investing'. But is this a long-term trend or a one-off? Sarfraz Thind asks.

Investing in the midst of pandemic and civil unrest

Aware Asset Management is based in Minnesota, which has been caught in the storm this month. Post-pandemic and an explosion of civil anger at the death of George Floyd marks an even more vituperative crisis for the US. The asset manager shares its views on the current events. Sarfraz Thind reports

Regulating fear and greed in COVID-19

Asset managers are reporting tales of firms gearing up to take advantage of the opportunities in the market. But when push comes to shove how easy is it to react? Sarfraz Thind explores the psychology of investing in a COVID-19 environment.

Asset risk: Open hunting season or fool's gold?

Sarfraz Thind takes a deep dive into how Covid-19 has distorted the market. In part one of this two part series he looks at commercial mortgage-backed securitisations (CMBS), collateralised loan obligation (CLO) and municipal bonds.