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Net-zero on a transatlantic journey

The concept of net-zero investment portfolio is slowly reaching US shores. Abbie Wood takes the pulse of insurance investors' approach to the idea.

IAR Americas: Cautious optimism in credit markets

Since the health crisis of COVID-19 snowballed into an economic crisis, credit markets have seen their base shaken, but insurers retain some confidence, not without caution though. Vincent Huck reports

Road to sustainability not as straight as Route 66

The journey to sustainable investing will be longer and more arduous for US insurers than those in other geographies given the plethora of smaller, under-resourced companies in the country. Sarfraz Thind reports

Fossilised investments

The US insurers' portfolios remain heavily skewed to oil, gas and coal assets. Even as the clamour for net-zero grows, where is the insurance business going with fossil fuels? Sarfraz Thind reports