Stay sharp on infrastructure

Infrastructure debt has superior credit fundamentals to the corporate bond sector, says Clara Yan, insurance asset liability management director at UK-based asset manager Schroders

US insurers raise exposure to alternatives

US insurers are increasing their exposure to alternative investments at the expense of allocations to non-performing fixed income portfolios, reports Benedicte Gravrand

Convertible bonds shine brighter under Solvency II

Finding the sweet spot between the yield of an asset and its capital charge has become a core consideration for EU insurers. Convertible bonds may represent a golden opportunity, as Benedicte Gravrand reports

Asian infrastructure both an opportunity and challenge

Asian governments have been looking to spur private investment in infrastructure. But demand is somewhat restrained as tight supply and falling yields make it harder for insurance investors to access local deals. Sarfraz Thind reports

The virtues of alternative beta

Alternative beta is increasingly gaining traction among institutional investors and is particularly relevant to mitigate current equity-related risks. Chris Stevens, senior associate at London-based financial advisor bfinance, explains why.