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The data crunch

Solvency II and asset diversification strategies have added a mountain of data to the insurance investment process, prompting insurers to look at new initiatives to tackle the issue. Sarfraz Thind reports.



Challenging the definition of risk

In light of increasingly complex and broad data crunching systems used by insurers to model investment risks, Invesco's Stephen Anness and Andrew Hall discuss the value of such models against investment fundamentals.

Mortgaging the future

Insurers are realising gains on fixed-income assets faster than ever before. It is a risky strategy, with little regard for future profitability. Sarfraz Thind reports.

Market insight




The realities of investing in illiquid assets

In the second part of this InsuranceERM/Insight Investment roundtable, participants discuss some practical aspects of investing in illiquid assets: valuation, managing liquidity, putting the money to work and fee structures

Finding the opportunities in illiquid investments

Illiquid assets can be an attractive match for insurance liabilities, but firms have to be picky over how they invest, and the burden of governance threatens to diminish the allure, as participants in part 1 of this InsuranceERM/Insight Investment roundtable discuss

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