Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2022 - North Americas

Climate risk initiative of the year - Moody's Analytics

For the second year in a row, Moody's Analytics wins the climate risk award for its insurance climate risk solution. While already proving its strengths in offering deep-dive analysis of company climate governance and disclosures as well as the financial impact of physical and transitional climate risks over long-term climate-adjusted macroeconomic forecasts, the company has made further strides in the last year.

Its launch of the ESG Score Predictor has given insurers new capabilities to monitor ESG risks and opportunities across vast numbers of potential investments or supply chain partners.

The dataset contains more than 300 million firms, each offering datapoints which can be used to predict metrics for 600 plus industries and 12,000 plus sub-national locations in 220 countries and territories.

The prediction model for each metric consists of individual regressions and alternative machine learning models, which are then applied to unscored firms, to produce predicted metrics for expanding coverage in terms of size, location, and industry.

Moody's also introduced new RMS climate change models in the US and Japan, covering major perils including US flood and wildfire, and Japan typhoon.

Insurers can run exposure portfolios, and leverage industry-standard outputs such as loss costs across different time horizons and IPCC Representative Pathways.