Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2022 - North Americas

Insurance asset risk technology provider of the year - Aladdin by BlackRock

Aladdin, BlackRock's ubiquitous risk technology, has served insurance clients for over two decades.

The platform is recognised for its ability to run an insurer's whole portfolio across public and private asset classes which can be customised to insurer-specific configurations. It offers robust capabilities for asset-liability management (ALM) that ranges from support for a portfolio manager's ALM strategies, monitoring interest rates, inflation and cashflow mismatches across scenarios, and providing data extracts to interface with the insurer's actuarial platform for asset adequacy analysis.

The technology also gives insurers a common data language across investments, accounting, operations, and data with capabilities that include credit portfolio risk analysis, expected credit loss, book yield and income analysis, private credit and loan data analysis, ALM capabilities, sustainability solutions, and statutory reporting—in other words covering the whole gamut of assets and situations for all kinds of insurers.

In recent times, Aladdin has also broadened its spectrum to include ESG data, reporting, and portfolio analysis.

The success of the platform can be seen in the role it played in AIG choosing BlackRock as its outsourced asset manager for some $150bn in assets this year.