Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2021 - UK & Europe

Young professional of the year - Marlon Rockenfeller, DWS

Marlon RockenfellerMarlon Rockenfeller was promoted to global head of insurance strategy & advisory at DWS in 2020. He leads a global team of specialists that advise insurance companies on topics including investment strategies, asset allocation, insurance regulation, and accounting.

In the last 12 to 18 months, Marlon re-formalised DWS's thought leadership by introducing a new series of white papers to strengthen DWS' role as a global thought leader in insurance asset management.

During that period, he also initiated a project to set-up an SAA optimisation framework for Eurozone life and non-life companies, which proceeds from a representative insurance company, defined by an aggregated balance sheet with assets and liabilities to broadly match averages of Eurozone undertakings, derived mainly from EIOPA data.

Rockenfeller also initiated a project to develop innovative private debt products for European insurers, including more "exotic" asset classes such as trade receivables and export credit agency loans.

A thought leader for the outside world, Marlon is also well liked by his colleagues, Mark Fehlmann, head of European insurance coverage, says: "Marlon is a terrific partner in our efforts to best support insurers globally. Despite his relative youth, he brings an amazing wealth of relevant experience to the table and impresses counterparts with his deep and wide knowledge, in particular weaving together different topics."

Peter McGloughlin, Head of Insurance Coverage, UK & Ireland at DWS, adds: "Marlon and his team have been great support in our strategic discussions with insurance clients, helping to provide customised analysis and address specific constraints around private debt in particular."