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CNP Assurances in praise of an

CNP Assurances in praise of an "all-terrain" investment strategy

Chief investment officer Olivier Guigné, winner of this year's CIO of the year award from Insurance Asset Risk, talks macro economy, why no single scenario should now dominate a CIO's thinking, and why 2023 will be good for credit analysts - but bad for 'zombies'. Interview by Vincent Huck

Thoughts from a CRO: the problem with CLOs

Thoughts from a CRO: the problem with CLOs

Will the push into leverage now come back and bite the insurance investors who have been stocking up on CLOs and private credit? Quite possibly, according to Nick Silitch, ex-CRO of Prudential Financial.

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Insurance Asset Risk Americas webinar series 2022

Real Asset solutions


With the spectre of inflation looming and tighter returns on other assets, could real estate, infrastructure and others become even more attractive for US insurers? Is inflation necessarily a bad thing

Private assets: the whys and wherefores


With a potential for rates to rise this year is the demand for private assets sustainable and what should insurers be doing to access this market