Insurance Asset Risk 2017
12 June 2017, Hilton Tower Bridge Hotel, 5 More London Place, Tooley Street, SE1 2BY

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Below are three articles from Insurance Asset Risk magazine that delve into focus areas of the conference: investment strategy in response to political uncertainty; achieving a more dynamic portfolio with alternative asset classes and regulation and its potential impact on the search for yield.

The articles are free to read and will give you a flavour of the discussions to be had on the day, so take advantage before joining us on 13 June.

Hard Brexit and time for Trump

The uncertainties that flowed into 2017 as a result of the unexpected events of 2016 (such as Brexit and trump's selection) are beginning to become clearer, and insurers can begin to adjust their asset allocation accordingly.

The political uncertainty in Europe and the US offers further potential credit risk events however, this does not necessarily translate into financial market volatility.

How should we change our asset management approach in response to political uncertainty?

Our Insurance Asset Risk conference will examine how to determinate an investment strategy in a challenging global economic environment and a complex restrictive regulatory framework - investment experts share the investment path they are taking to beat the odds.

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The unorthodox CIO behind MetLife's expansion

MetLife's CIO Steve Goulart manages one of the biggest and most diverse insurance asset portfolios in the US. While the insurer is feeling the pinch of low interest rates, its diversification has helped to calm some of the yield pressure.

What steps has your organisation taken to achieve a more dynamic portfolio? What additional external expertise have you needed to introduce?

At Insurance Asset Risk conference a dedicated panel will discuss how to adopt a more dynamic approach to investment, looking at evolving asset classes and opportunities such as renewable energy, private credit, real estate and mortgage loans.

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The Solvency II mandate race

Solvency II is possibly the biggest disruptor for insurance asset allocation in many years. Despite years of planning, the regulations caught many in the industry unprepared in realising the size of effort required to manage assets in a way that is favourable under Solvency II.

SII has turbo-boosted the move to insurance asset outsourcing. Asset managers are beefing up their capabilities to win market share—but what can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd?

At Insurance Asset Risk conference, we will tackle evolving regulation and its potential impact on the search for yield, how the future of prudential regulation look like outside of the EU, IFRS17 and MiFID II implications and more.

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