M&G Investments
Private debt manager of the year
Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2019 - UK & Europe

The low rates environment weighting on insurers' minds in the last few years has resulted in a gold-rush like search for yield. Consequently, insurers appetite to look beyond the public markets and capitalise on private debt opportunities has increased.

As one of most experienced players in the market, having led the way on senior loans and private placements, M&G Investments provides clients with both the expertise and experience to make the most of its potential within the asset class.

Having started out more than two decades ago, the investment arm of global insurer Prudential has built itself to be the second largest private debt investor in Europe, and the seventh largest globally, with 40% of its total assets under management now drawn from external clients.

By focussing on the fundamentals of high-quality credit research and a patient, value-driven investment strategy, the function has consistently delivered its clients with long-term outperformance.

With a long-line of deals in the social housing and long-lease property sectors, coupled with multi-asset pooled solutions, M&G Investments provides a range of offerings to meet client demands, while the Inflation Opportunities Fund and Illiquid Credit Opportunities Fund provide an alternative means to enter the market.

Strongly praised for its diverse product offering, the judges cited a strong track record and good performance in 2018 as key reasons to attribute M&G Investments with this award. In particular judges were impressed with the way M&G Investments has weathered the reduction in yield with fine active security selection.