EM manager of the year
Insurance Asset Risk Awards 2020 - UK & Europe

The acquisition of Oppenheimer, completed in the first half of 2019, boosted Invesco's position as a leader in the emerging markets space, adding some top performing active equity and debt funds to its range. Indeed, the company is regularly cited as a major player in both debt and equity emerging market assets using its local knowledge to uncover investment opportunities across the EM range.

The New York-based emerging markets equities team has been investing in the asset class since 1996 and its EM Equity Fund, which was launched in November of that year, is the largest fund of its kind with $46bn in assets under management. The flagship fund is supported by an extensive range of regional and country focused emerging market portfolios, managed by specialists from a variety of investment centres globally.

On the fixed income side, Invesco has investment professionals spread across 14 locations in major markets, covering the full spectrum of EM debt assets from hard currency emerging market bond funds, to flexible bond strategies and highly customised fixed maturity products. The company currently manages $4.9bn in emerging markets focused fixed maturity products across 26 mandates in Asia and Europe.

The asset manager has also branched out beyond the vanilla equity and debt options to offer low cost smart beta and factor investments. It launched the first European-based China A-shares ETF and has been issuing products on Saudi Arabia and Kuwait since 2018.

"The firm is relentless in its pursuit on achieving more for insurance clients," Richard Glenn, head of insurance distribution, said. "This focus on client outcomes is perhaps best reflected in our customised offering of emerging markets fixed maturity strategies as well as some highly innovative passive solutions within our ETF range."