Free webinar: CIOs in the hot seat to manage insurance assets in Asia

Channels: Regulation, Asia

Companies: AIA, Moody's Investors Service, Wellington Management

People: Mark Konyn, Sally Yim, Max Davies

Join us on 12 January for a webinar on the opportunities and challenges in Asia for insurance chief investment officers (CIOs) on 12 January.

Asian insurers' biggest risk exposure comes from their investments, putting the CIOs at Asian underwriters in a rather difficult position in the search for the perennial balance between risk and return.

The hurdles are plenty, not in the least the lack of available domestic long dated assets to match long dated liabilities combined with caps on overseas investments.

Regulation is Damocles sword for insurance investors with many jurisdictions in Asia moving to risk-based regimes which is posing questions on the impact these might have on insurers' investment strategies and their ability to pick up the assets delivering the returns they need.

The webinar will explore how insurers manage these challenges and the innovative opportunities they find. After all, there is no lack of opportunities with the Chinese markets opening up and alternative asset classes on the rise.

Join us on the 12th and ask our panellists your questions:

Mark Konyn, group chief investment officer, AIA
Sally Yim, managing director, Moody's Investors Service
Max Davies, insurance strategist, Wellington Management

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This webinar is part of a series on Asia, hosted by Insurance Asset Risk in partnership with sister publication InsuranceERM, a full list of the webinars in the series is available on our website. Register for upcoming ones, or watch past ones on demand.