5 April 2023

IAR Spring 2023 issue out now: The land of volatility, home of the brave CIOs

With six chief investment officers interviewed, two 'secret CIOs' contributions and an exploration of what an 'AI CIO' would look like, Insurance Asset Risk's Spring 2023 issue looks at the key macro economic and geopolitical issues affecting insurers' strategic asset allocation.

The latest issue also covers in details all the sessions of our annual Asia conference, which took place in February. We also provide a heavy focus on regulatory changes in the US on the back of local regulators' heightened oversight of insurers' investment risk taking.

The issue also includes a full list of the Insurance Asset Risk 2023 awards winners, and much more content around familiar themes including sustainability investing and Solvency II reforms.

Download the issue for free here.

For more information about:

Issue 1 – Are we there yet?
Issue 2 – Insurers' role in climate capital raising
Issue 3 – COVID-19 chills markets
Issue 4 – On the road to sustainable investing
Issue 5 – Central bankers bring back the bull
Issue 6 - Insurance investors "hear the train a' comin"
Issue 8 – Land of opportunities
Issue 9 – Insurance ALM turns 160 years old
Issue 10 - From Lincoln to COVID....
Issue 11 - An American story