IAR summer 2022 issue out: From Lincoln to Covid....

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Half awake, scanning the room to see if a coffee station has been set up – no luck, so no excuse, will have to roll up our sleeves and help sponsors put their stands up ahead of our first in-person conference in three years.

The room is still relatively empty, with the nervousness floating in the air: will people show up?

And... they did!

Insurance Asset Risk 2022 Conference took place in June in London and was a resounding success. A packed day of panels and presentations, and of course the most prized 'coffee/networking breaks'.

The lightness in conversations was only clouded by the prospect of an economic storm descending on markets in the next few months. There was no time to catch a breath, as the first keynote of the day warned: "The ride is going to get rough [...] recession is on the horizon."

This, of course, has a number of implications for insurers' SAA across the spectrum of asset classes. It also has regulatory implications, which raises some concerns among the industry. And last but not least, it begs the question of what is to become of the sustainability momentum, once all economic hell breaks loose....

In this year's summer issue we highlight some of the main discussions around these issues. We also look back to April when Insurance Asset Risk held its Real Asset conference, looking at the benefits of these assets for insurers' investments, and challenges they face in Europe, Asia and North America, to invest in those.

This issue also takes a trip to the US, where Insurance Asset Risk visited the headquarters of Goldman Sachs Asset Management to speak with their global head of insurance, Mike Siegel. Whilst in the Big Apple we also met with Nassau Financial Group's chief investment officer, who took us all the way back to Abraham Lincoln.... Insurance investing is, indeed, a long-term game!

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