Insurance Asset Risk 4th issue free to download

Insurance Asset Risk's fourth print issue is out, with a focus on insurers' sustainable investment strategies.

On the back of five months of research, comprising of an online survey of 53 underwriters and 14 individual interviews with chief investment officers, Insurance Asset Risk has discovered the major challenges insurers face in drafting and implementing responsible investment policies. Combined respondents held approx. $4trn of assets under management.

The findings are compiled in a report commissioned and sponsored by JP Morgan Asset Management – Insurers' sustainable investment journey. In its summer issue, Insurance Asset Risk reveals some of the key high-level findings.

The issue also looks at the impact of the COVID-19 economic turmoil on the asset side of insurers' balance sheets, including the result of a proprietary survey on insurers and asset managers' expectations for the economic recovery.

In addition, he latest issue explores the familiar themes of illiquid investments, and our now regular spotlights on Asian and North American markets.

The online version of the PDF is free to access to our non-subscribers as well and can be found here.

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Issue 1 – Are we there yet?
Issue 2 – Insurers' role in climate capital raising
Issue 3 – COVID-19 chills markets

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