Insurance Asset Risk spring issue out with a chill

Insurance Asset Risk's third issue is now out, with a special focus on... COVID-19.

It was inevitable that the pandemic which has crept its way into financial markets and raised many questions on the asset side of insurers' balance sheet would be our main coverage for the 2020 spring issue.

It is too early to tell the depth of the impact and whether portfolio protection will prove resilient for insurers. But the virus has definitely caught the industry by surprise and raised questions on their equity hedging programmes, the creditworthiness of their corporate bond holdings and, last but not least, the continued role of government bond holdings with little or negative yields in the portfolio.

This issue looks at these, and many other facets of the COVID-19 crisis. However, it also explores other familiar themes such as real asset investments, a focus on Asia and the US, and two chief investment officer interviews.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances we have made a PDF version available online. The online version is free to access to our non-subscribers as well, and can be found here.

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