Insurance Risk Data launches Bermuda outsourcing research report

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Insurance Risk Data, the insurance data service arm of Insurance Asset Risk, has launched its inaugural research report on Bermudian insurers' investment patterns and performance, and outsourcing habits.

The report - Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities & Performance - Bermuda 2022 - is more than 100 pages long, contains more than 70 exhibits, and has detailed information and analysis of investment outsourcing by more than 100 insurers, naming the underwriters and the managers they engage, various details of funds/mandates they use, their investment size and investment performance.

This listing, across 20 pages, reveals the latest outsourcing habits, manager engagements/changes, asset classes being delegated, and recent returns from various asset classes.

A further chapter has names and biographical details of more than 60 investment professionals at Bermuda's insurers, from CIOs and CFOs to investment committee chairs/members, to aid managers seeking individuals to follow up with.

One thematic chapter is dedicated to analysing, in-depth, the investment preferences of Bermuda's captive insurance community – with annual data on investment allocations since 2016, among 14 illuminating exhibits spanning multiple years, on the investment- and underwriting profiles of captives.

How the insurers' continued willingness to invest in non-mainstream classes – commonly through outsourcing – is examined in a dedicated chapter with 13 charts.

The future path of alternative investing is analysed, as well as what will underpin Bermudian insurers' ongoing appetite for 'alts'. The chapter sets a roadmap for asset managers' successful interactions with Bermuda's CIOs.

Honing in on 30 individual insurers, one chapter reveals the latest investment performance of each underwriter, with analysis of what drove returns – to 2020 or mid-2021 – and where CIOs are looking next.

A further analytical chapter charts the rise of ESG investing by Bermuda's insurers, and analyses how asset managers can provide products and services to assist underwriters with this emerging trend. Associated survey-based exhibits in the chapter reveal insurers' readiness to embrace ESG investing; their approach to transition/physical risk of climate change; challenges in climate scenario analysis/stress-testing; and which climate risk disclosure frameworks insurers favour.

As with all of Insurance Risk Data's research reports, the Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities & Performance - Bermuda 2022 report includes a full chartbook of each exhibit and underlying raw data.

Click here for a free sample of this report. For more information about Insurance Risk Data's inaugural research report dedicated to investment outsourcing by Bermuda's insurers, please contact

David Walker