Insurance Risk Data launches insightful dashboard dissecting Europe's insurance groups

Channels: SFCR

Insurance Risk Data has made available deep insights into the insurance units of 350 European groups, by launching a new visualisation 'Group' dashboard as part of its service to the industry.

The dashboard lets users select any insurance group in the EEA, and then immediately see detailed analysis of all of its units under Solvency II.

For Axa, for example, data for the group and each of 36 subsidiaries are available in more than a dozen charts and data views for each of the five years under Solvency II.

For chief investment officers, asset managers and consultants, the details shown include investment volumes, revealing which units have the largest general accounts.

There are solo- and group-level details on the volumes of eligible own funds, solvency/minimum capital ratios, premiums and claims.

Charts and tables reveal foreseeable dividends, cash-piles and details on tier 1 eligible capital, for each subsidiary, and for the group as a whole.

A map in the dashboard shows where all the subsidiaries of every group are, with solvency and investment data for each.

The dashboard also reveals how many subsidiaries, of each type – life, non-life, health, and composite – a group has, and which countries they are registered in.

The dashboard complements other comparative analysis made available in a peer-comparison dashboard, a data download function, and the ability to compare SFCR narrative side by side.

For more information and a demonstration of how Insurance Risk Data and its Group dashboard can assist your industry analysis, contact

David Walker