Market insight

  • Alternatives: The importance of diversification in today's market

    While the changing investment environment is presenting new challenges, alternatives remain important for insurers seeking enhanced income, returns and diversification.

  • Private Credit's 'Free Lunch' for Insurers

    Private assets don't trigger any additional capital charges above what regulators require of equivalent public assets in insurer portfolios. That makes private credit's illiquidity premium the investment equivalent of a "free lunch."

  • From climate risk analysis to investment decision making

    Download Ortec Finance's latest white paper which discusses incorporating climate risk into investment decision making using scenario analysis, along with some of the challenges associated with doing so.

  • Emerging market investment grade debt: An attractive alternative for insurers

    Emerging market investment grade debt offers insurers high credit quality, elevated yields and income generating potential, and diversification benefits.

  • The Evolving Opportunity in Infrastructure Debt

    In addition to infrastructure debt's defensive nature, diversification benefits and potential to offer compelling risk-adjusted returns, infrastructure's "essentiality" underscores its appeal throughout the economic cycle.

  • European insurance midyear investment outlook: strong capital supports a broadly positive view

    European insurers remain broadly confident in their investment outlook. We explore the key opportunities - and risks - they're facing at midyear.

  • Changing demand dynamics: Opportunities for European insurers

    As DB schemes approach the end game and continue to rebalance their portfolios, we think insurance companies have an opportunity to capture value opportunities across a range of asset classes.

  • Untangling complexity: A step-by-step guide to crafting optimal portfolios under the Matching Adjustment

    In this paper we bring together guidance and practical recommendations covering all of the key regulatory requirements for insurers building Matching Adjustment (MA) portfolios in the UK market.

  • A farming model for Insurers in 2023: buy and maintain portfolio in fixed income

    We believe 2023 presents us with as generous an outlook as we have seen in 10 years

  • Infrastructure debt: An essential ingredient

    With inflation returning and investors on the hunt for stable yields, insurance companies should explore how an infrastructure debt allocation can support their investment strategy.