Unprecedented times call for (un)fixed income

We're living through a period of unparalleled disruption – inflationary pressure, rate hikes, market volatility and geopolitical shocks. As we face these new realities, we think taking an unfixed approach to fixed income is an advantage.

So what does an unfixed approach look like? Explore now

We've tackled the big topics facing fixed investors through a series of insights covering:

  • Pandemic, war and fixed income: Global markets have suffered several body blows in recent years. Will bonds and cash play an important role in portfolios to help manage market volatility?
  • Views on monetary policy: With rising inflation and increasing interest rates, monetary policy is likely to be top of the agenda for fixed income investors. What are the key challenges and opportunities?
  • Untapped market opportunities: With some traditional investment solutions no longer providing the returns investors need, could looking further afield to less traditional parts of the market provide the answer?
  • ESG and the Net Zero challenge: As the focus on Net Zero increases for many insurers, we explore how fixed income investors can tackle some of the greatest challenges of our age head on.
  • Innovation in fixed income ETFs: While bond yields have been gradually rising and spreads widening, the gains haven't been enough to offset inflation. By offering efficient exposure to exciting areas of the market, could ETFs be part of the solution?

We understand that our insurance clients' fixed income needs are diverse. Whether you're looking for income, diversification, capital preservation or total returns, our global teams have the strategies, the scale and the flexibility needed to match your objectives as markets evolve.

And with no single house view, our 220+ dedicated fixed income investment professionals are free to focus on distinct asset classes, regions, styles and philosophies, supported by our extensive global resources.

We're trusted to manage over £335bn in fixed income strategies on behalf of our global clients, across a comprehensive range of global fixed income capabilities. From Liquidity Solutions to Buy & Maintain strategies. From Senior Secured Loans to Eco Bonds. From Emerging Market Debt to US Municipal Bonds – and much more.


Explore (un)fixed income


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Debt instruments are exposed to credit risk which is the ability of the borrower to repay the interest and capital on the redemption date.

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