Transitioning insurers' portfolios

Decarbonisation is not an easy fit in a world where every activity is linked directly or indirectly to carbon, but add to that the need to consider 'justice' in the transition - ensuring the benefits of the low carbon transition are widely and fairly shared – and it becomes a mammoth task for enterprises who may never have seen that as being their role in society.

  • Should one let the carbon footprint of the portfolio rise in the short-term knowing it will fall in the long-term?
  • Is there a point in engaging with extractive industry companies, when one knows they have transition plans?
  • What if cutting down a tree was better for the environment then letting it live through its life cycle?
  • Where are the investment opportunities of that transition?
  • How to balance the time needed for ambitions to reach maturity and the urgency coming from civil society pressure?

None of these questions have easy answers, but they are – along with many others - top of insurers' minds. In this report by Insurance Asset Risk and J.P. Morgan Asset Management, insurers candidly share some of the solutions they are exploring.

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