Webinars Net-Zero webinar series 2022Examining investment opportunities and net-zero

Examining investment opportunities and net-zero

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We will launch our 2022 net-zero webinar series looking at the investment opportunities out of the net-zero journey. Which assets, sectors and geographies might catch the eyes of insurance investors as they look to meet their 2050 goal and associated interim targets?


Hendre Garbers

Economist Macro Strategy, Assistant Vice President, Swiss Re Institute

Vincent Huck (Moderator)

Editor, Insurance Asset Risk

Discussion Areas

How far have we come on investing for Net-Zero in the past 12 months?

Where and what are the major investment opportunities now emerging with net-zero?

Have new types of opportunities linked to net-zero come up since our 2021 Net-Zero series?

What more is [still] needed to make possible investment opportunities linked to net-zero palatable to institutional investors?

Are there non-energy related sectors that are emerging as possible winning /losing investments from the transition?

What are the general, and most urgent, facets of net-zero investing that need tackling?

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