Webinars Net-Zero webinar series 2022Setting net-zero engagement targets

Setting net-zero engagement targets

27 October 2022, 9:00 AM BST

Insurers are quick to point at engagement as the main tool in their arsenal to achieve net-zero with a real economy impact. But what does efficient engagement look like and what to do in the face of adversity?


Liza Jansen

Head of Responsible Investment, Prudential

Janina Rothfuss

Asset Liability Manager, Allianz Investment Management

David Walker (Moderator)

Senior Writer, Chief Analyst, Insurance Asset Risk

Discussion areas

What drives engagement targets: the insurers’ own net-zero targets? The profile of the companies invested in?

What is an appropriate timeline for engagement before it could be considered as unsuccessful?

How to create strength in numbers: alliance with other investors? Exercise pressure on the asset manager?

Has an insurer the resource to engage or should / can this be outsourced?

What to look and ask for during the engagement process?

What are satisfactory responses from investee companies?

What responses should raise alarm bells?

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