Webinars Net-Zero webinar seriesFireside chat: Data and Net-Zero

Fireside chat: Data and Net-Zero


Without data there is no accurate measurement of progress made. The availability and quality of the data is becoming ever more important for insurers' in their journey to Net-Zero. This webinar will look at some of the challenges faced, and ways to move forward in an unperfect data world.


Adam Wise

VP, Senior Managing Director, Natural Resources, John Hancock


Sarfraz Thind

US Editor, Insurance ERM, Insurance Asset Risk

Key areas of discussion

What data / new data types are needed to help insurers get their GAs to NZ?

How can insurers cope with a lack of available data?

What data sets are under development, to help?

Is there a risk that the data relied upon today might be obsolete in the future and slow an insurer’s journey to Net-Zero, or even make it miss the mark completely?

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