Webinars Net-Zero webinar seriesFireside chat: Policy and regulatory response

Fireside chat: Policy and regulatory response


While insurers are making voluntary pledges to become net-zero, on the back of governments' own pledges, regulators are stepping up their over sight on sustainability, could they embrace net-zero and instil it in regulation? This webinar will discuss the role of regulators and whether there are alignments between insurers, regulators and policy makers on the topic, or whether there might me clashes along the path.


Gabrielle Siry

Head of Sustainable Finance, European Cooperation, ACPR International Affairs Department, Bank of France


Vincent Huck

Editor, Insurance Asset Risk

Key areas of discussion

Is the regulatory environment fit for a net-zero world, or transition to a net-zero economy?

Could net zero become a regulatory requirement?

How do insurers’ net-zero target fit into a risk based capital regime?

How do the regulators square off the need for climate change-aware investing and fiduciary duty to policyholders?

If there is the possible diminution of returns in switching portfolios, would a regulator ever steer an insurer with a v low Solvency II ratio away from the switch?

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