Webinars Net-Zero webinar seriesRules of engagement for Net-Zero

Rules of engagement for Net-Zero


Assuming that net-zero is not achieved through carbon capture technology but by a change in operational models, investor engagement with companies will be critical in the next 30 years to 2050. This webinar will look at how insurers can build effective engagement strategies.


Vincent Huck

Editor, Insurance Asset Risk


Emilie Westholm

Head of Responsible Investments and Corporate Governance, Folksam

Erika Murphy

CFA, CAIA, Investment Director, Climate Platform at Wellington Management

Francesco Sola

Head of Investment Sustainability and Governance, Generali

Jesica Andrews

Investment Lead & Senior Project Manager, U.N.-Convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, United Nations

Johanna Köb

Head of Responsible Investment, Zurich Insurance

Key areas of discussion

Is all else equal and engagement comes first on all holdings, or it can only apply to some holdings? Has an insurer the resource to engage or should / can this be outsourced?

What to look and ask for during the engagement process?

What are satisfactory responses from investee companies?

What responses should raise alarm bells?

The importance of interim targets to demonstrate a company commitment

How to measure success?

When to pull the plug and divest?

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