Webinars Net-Zero webinar seriesWhat is a Net-Zero investment portfolio?

What is a Net-Zero investment portfolio?

Sponsored by JP Morgan Asset Management

September 28, 2021, 3:00 PM BST

This webinar will look at the practicality of moving towards a net-zero investment portfolio, the implication asset class by asset class and the challenges of moving away from polluting assets while keeping the right amount of returns to back liabilities.


Erick Decker

Chief Investment Officer, AXA Southern Europe and Emerging markets

Michele Lacroix

Head of Group Investment Risk & Sustainability, Scor

Paolo Gazzola

Investment Specialist for International Fixed Income Insurance and Pensions, , JP Morgan Asset Management

Sona Stadtelmeyer-Petru

Global Head of Sustainable Investing & Co-Lead Portfolio Manager Impact Investing, Allianz Investment Management


Vincent Huck

Editor, Insurance Asset Risk

Key areas of discussion

Can the whole portfolio be net-zero, or is about balancing asset classes against each other for the portfolio to be net-zero as a whole?

Where in the investment portfolio to start and how?

How to move away from holdings that might not have the ESG characteristics but have attractive returns?

How to undertake a full GHG emissions analysis of the investment portfolio

When to decide that engagement fails?

Does shifting a GA to net zero mean losing returns, even if only in the near- to medium-term?

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