• Chart of the Week - French political uncertainty and their insurers' sovereign holdings

    19 July 2024

    Banque de France publishes situation report for French insurers under Solvency II regulation

  • Nuveen expands role of CIO

    18 July 2024

    Saira Malik has been Nuveen's chief investment officer for nearly three years

  • Liquidity management in an era of liquidity stress-tests

    17 July 2024

    Amid markets, and politicians delivering never-ending stressors of liquidity, insurers at Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2024 conference discussed how their needs for and measurement of liquidity may have changed in recent years, and the reasons why

  • M&G Investments hires Schroders alum as CIO of fixed income

    09 July 2024

    Andrew Chorlton to join later this year and take over from Jim Leaviss

  • About half Europe's insurers now hold private credit and debt, EIOPA finds

    04 July 2024

    Financial Stability Report sounds warning over risks, and alternatives allocations by industry

  • Election day: How ballot box results are transforming a CIO's job

    04 July 2024

    As geopolitics is "literally shaping markets day-in and day-out", and UK and French electors choose their next governments, Insurance Asset Risk analyses what geopolitical instability might mean for CIOs

  • Italian lifers must "rethink product offerings" as lapse risk hits 12-year high

    01 July 2024

    IVASS intervened at companies to "ensure an adequate level of solvency"

  • Insurers fighting an "arms race" over private credit, Phoenix's CIO says

    01 July 2024

    Hiscox and Just Group CIOs tell the Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2024 conference why it is important to keep external asset managers on their toes, particularly when it comes to private assets

  • Allianz US former CIO joins insurance dedicated asset manager

    28 June 2024

    Todd Hedtke joins Intera Capital Partners

  • Europe's insurers generally still in 'sell mode' for non-bank corporates, EIOPA finds

    28 June 2024

    Authority published June Financial Stability Report