• Nippon Life plans foreign bond buying for foreign-FX endowment insurance

    23 February 2024

    Among other insurers YoY foreign-FX exposure is fairly immobile

  • US insurers remaining calm in face of bond market rout

    06 October 2023

    But the speed and magnitude of yields move has still been a surprise

  • AI: Rise of the machines

    26 July 2023

    AI has become the ubiquitous topic of conversation this year. Investors, like many others, are looking at its potential uses. But can machines really replace humans in the delicate discipline of allocation? Sarfraz Thind reports

  • Allianz Life's CIO: from AGI to AI

    21 June 2023

    Jean Roch Sibille sees the use of AI spilling over into the asset management world. But are machines ready to replace the CIO himself? Not just yet, he tells Sarfraz Thind

  • Allianz Life's CIO: from risk to return

    13 June 2023

    Jean Roch Sibille moved from his CRO role at Allianz Life to take over the CIO mantle just over a year ago. He gives an insight into the firm's asset management strategy and working with some of the best investors on the street. Sarfraz Thind reports

  • Allianz takes crown as Europe's most complex insurance group

    24 May 2023

    Aviva Investors funds contribute significantly to parent's 700 Solvency II entities

  • Allianz cuts average life promise by one-third since 2011

    11 July 2022

    Moody's raised outlook for group and various undertakings

  • Ricardo Lara reveals California's fossil fuel investors

    19 April 2022

    Green bond holders also unearthed in annual study

  • Allianz reveals up to 25% board variable pay cuts for hedge fund losses

    07 March 2022

    Oliver Bäte sees personal 'individual contribution factor' cut as Structured Alpha threatens to slice boardroom remuneration

  • War: A Day in the Life of a CIO

    02 March 2022

    Todd Hedtke, Allianz Life's CIO, talks about how the day Russia invaded Ukraine unfolded for him and his reactions to the seesaw moves in the market.