• France looks for second generation of debt recovery fund, with a transition twist

    27 November 2023

    Insurers have already invested €2.7bn in the first generation

  • Insurers sign up to Tibi 2 initiative and focus on biodiversity aspects

    12 July 2023

    Adding three more insurance investors to existing 18

  • French insurers renew commitments to invest €3bn in unlisted SMEs for the next 5 years

    03 April 2023

    After surpassing their €2bn target in the three years to 2022

  • French insurers launch €1.7bn debt recovery fund

    23 November 2021

    20 insurers and eight asset managers involved

  • French insurers commit €3.2bn to French tech companies

    08 June 2021

    Accounting for half of the capital invested in the state sponsored Tibi program

  • 18 French insurers commit €11bn to finance SMEs recovery from COVID-19

    26 April 2021

    Second round of financing planned for June

  • Shareholders brace for dividend cuts that gave them €25.5bn last year

    07 April 2020

    Europe's most generous payers mainly vow to honour stated payout plans

  • Largest 50 EEA insurance investors in bonds held €2.2trn in 2018

    02 January 2020

    French insurers favour govvies while UK insurers focus on corporates

  • UK insurers: one big disappointment for private equity managers in 2018

    31 December 2019

    French insurers top rankings of equity investment volumes

  • Axa IMRA to buy NorthStar Realty Europe

    05 July 2019

    Axa affiliate will take ownership of $1.1bn property portfolio if offer is approved by shareholders