• Dai-ichi Life Insurance to increase real estate investments in 2023

    16 May 2023

    While looking to policy-reserve-matching bonds to reduce interest rate risk

  • Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company invests JPY 500m in medical admin tech startup

    19 April 2023

    To support its societal ESG goals

  • Asia's insurers cut FX hedging to "maintain profitability," says S&P Global

    31 March 2023

    Costs of FX protection could erode earnings, and capital of some

  • Springing back to life - JGB yields help Japan's CIOs repatriate GAs

    01 March 2023

    It's been an awfully long time coming, but yields on long-dated JGBs are becoming genuinely attractive to many Japanese CIOs - maybe for the first time in their careers, David Walker reports

  • Global insurers sign up to PRI Advance initiative

    02 December 2022

    A collaborative stewardship initiative on social issues and human rights

  • Dai-ichi Life invests $50m in farmland fund

    16 November 2022

    Its first farmland strategy fund investment

  • Dai-Ichi Life invests in Japanese start-up JEPLAN

    24 August 2022

    Aiming to meet SDGs 12 and 13

  • Dai-Ichi Life invests in Clean Energy Connect

    01 August 2022

    The start-up provides solar energy through off-site solar power generation facilities

  • Dai-Ichi Life invests in crowdfunding start up

    14 July 2022

    The funding will provide capital support for the READYFOR's initiatives

  • Resolution Life will help manage market risks on $1.1bn Dai-ichi Life book

    22 June 2022

    First deal in Japan for UK reinsurer