• Axa stresses interest rate risk for 90 years, maybe with a French nun or two in mind...

    16 December 2022

    Want some excellent investment-risk transparency in an SFCR? Then best you speak with a French insurer...

  • Comment: - World Title fight announced - for 'EIOPA versus Climate Change'

    06 December 2022

    Distilling a fight for the planet's future, into 119 pages, clearly took some doing

  • EIOPA open to the idea of a transition risk capital charge

    05 December 2022

    Exposed in discussion paper open for consultation until March next year

  • Chart of the Week - French mutual charts property risk, and course of plane carrying Antoine Saint-Exupéry

    02 December 2022

    Designers of SFCRs create some very colourful ways to show some very dry data

  • IRC EMEA 2022 ESG stream round up

    01 December 2022

    Conference was held in London on 1 December

  • "Rising interests doesn't undermine rules designed in low-rate environment"

    01 December 2022

    EIOPA's Wray tells Insurance Risk & Capital 2022 EMEA conference

  • Solvency II review and the sustainability debate: old habits & new ideas

    26 September 2022

    Carlos Montalvo Rebuelta looks at how sustainability could add purpose to the Insurance industry and why it's the stumbling block of the current Solvency II review

  • Chart of the Week - EIOPA warns CIOs about the quality of their data

    09 September 2022

    Investment data is the (comparatively) weaker link in insurers' Solvency II filings, Authority finds

  • Quality of insurers' investment data lagging other figures they submit, EIOPA warns

    07 September 2022

    Authority has published report on standards of data reporting by groups and undertakings

  • Solvency II review rapporteur gets spiky with EIOPA

    31 August 2022

    European members of parliament are back from their summer holidays, and there promises to be a heated debate on Solvency II before the review even goes to trilogue. Vincent Huck reports