• Impairment issues in CRE not a rating worry for Korean insurers, Fitch says

    23 April 2024

    Revealing CRE overseas exposure of Korean insurers

  • Fitch Ratings predicts UK bulk annuity transaction volumes will pass £60bn in 2024

    18 April 2024

    After reaching highest ever levels of almost £50bn in 2023

  • US lifers' ratings likely safe from CRE losses, Fitch says

    29 March 2024

    Despite "material exposure" higher than European insurance sector's

  • Falling CRE valuations a minimal risk to European insurers, Fitch says

    04 March 2024

    Low average exposure of 4% and good liquidity makes realised CRE losses unlikely in the near term

  • Investment yields defend German non-life sector's neutral ratings outlook from underwriting nosedive

    06 February 2024

    Fitch Ratings says sector faces its "worst underwriting results in recent times"

  • IMF looks to ruin PE-insurer party

    29 December 2023

    The International Monetary Fund has raised further warning flags on private equity-owned insurance businesses. At the heart of the concerns are the illiquid assets these insurers use which may lead to financial catastrophe, if the IMF is to be believed.

  • Fitch hails Generali's move away from Italian govvies

    19 September 2023

    Cites reduced investment concentration risk as factor in increased rating

  • Fitch Ratings gives US insurers "neutral" outlook amid bank failures

    16 March 2023

    Exposure to Silicon Valley Bank modest but other challenges remain

  • German non-lifer's investment income will not outweigh inflationary pressure, Fitch says

    06 December 2022

    Though increase in yields and equity investment losses will cancel each other out

  • APAC life insurers safe from liquidity risks from derivative exposures

    13 October 2022

    According to Fitch Ratings