• Insurance Asset Risk EMEA 2024 conference round up

    10 June 2024

    Geopolitics and its impact on markets running thread of conference's discussions

  • IAR EMEA 2024: The burgeoning BPA market will continue to break records...

    10 June 2024

    ... but beware of some of the "breaks" in the system

  • IAR EMEA 2024: Not enough private assets to match BPA liabilities, Just Group says

    10 June 2024

    Adding opportunities need to be created by restructuring assets to suit needs

  • Chart of the Week: Around the world with SFCRs - MA delivers capital benefits to UK lifers

    31 May 2024

    As MA reform nears, the adjustment is delivering significant capital benefits to UK insurers

  • All pension schemes need access to BPA market regardless of size, Aviva says

    17 May 2024

    Aviva Clarity's Andrew Shaposhnikov comments

  • 40% of all Just Group's BPA deals occurred in last two years

    08 May 2024

    As insurer reaches 400-deal milestone since 2012

  • Just Group completes £136.3m buy-in deal

    02 May 2024

    Agreement defers £26.5m to allow for scheme to realise proceeds from illiquid assets

  • Fitch Ratings predicts UK bulk annuity transaction volumes will pass £60bn in 2024

    18 April 2024

    After reaching highest ever levels of almost £50bn in 2023

  • Just Group completes £130m buy-in deal with Lucite pension fund

    11 April 2024

    Deal secures benefits of 438 scheme members

  • Just Group completes £60m buy-in with Epson (UK) Limited Pension Scheme

    08 April 2024

    Secures benefits of 113 pensioners and 289 deferred members