• Just Group joins UK Stewardship Code signatories

    22 July 2024

    Insurer recognises in application report that its approach to areas outside of climate change "require further development and work"

  • CIOs act further on climate investing in 2023, as Nat Cats give underwriters a 'breather'

    02 May 2024

    In severe 'Nat Cat years' before 2023, CIOs at Lloyd's acted as 'cash registers', disgorging cash to meet steep property claims. Last year, a 'break in the weather' let them 'take stock', and many seized that 'down-time' to progress climate-investing with managers and funds

  • Meiji Yasuda reveals distributing JPY 200bn more in decarbonisation finance than originally proposed

    28 March 2024

    President Hideki Nagashima has strengthened emissions goals "as the effects of climate change are becoming more serious"

  • Mapfre commits to assessing 95% of investment portfolio using ESG criteria

    18 March 2024

    Strategic plan for 2024 to 2026 also commits insurer to reducing GHG emissions 43% by 2030

  • Impact investing is the future of sustainability for insurers, Zurich says

    10 January 2024

    Head of sustainability risk highlights collaboration, engagement and intentionality at launch of WEF Global Risks Report 2024

  • NZAOA reports fall in financed emissions for the first time

    20 October 2023

    Insurer-dominated alliance members are getting greener, but coal still a sticking point for some

  • No transition plan, no investments, NZAOA advocates

    06 September 2023

    Alliance sets targets for greener investments by 2027

  • Insurance Asset Risk Americas 2022 conference round up

    28 September 2022

    The conference was held in New York on 27 September and highlighted the pain ahead for insurance investors. Vincent Huck reports

  • NZAOA calls for data standardization from EFRAG

    10 August 2022

    In response to recent climate change exposure draft

  • NZAOA calls for policy instruments to support carbon pricing

    23 June 2022

    Günther Thallinger has said, though, a common carbon pricing standard is a "fantasy" request.