• Distilling complexity for CIOs' benefit

    06 November 2023

    Various pressures have come to bear on insurance CIOs in recent years - and not always because of mercurial investment markets. Schroders' Alberto Scarsini distils the challenges to find the basic elements

  • How German CIOs are doing well, in 'doing good'

    21 December 2022

    Germany's CIOs are a fairly heterogeneous group, but one thing - or actually three - fairly unites them these days: E, and S, and G. And the theme stretches from Allianz, almost all the way 'down' to the smallest GA-minnow the country has to offer. David Walker reports

  • German insurer seeks funds for outsourcing as it rotates from direct holdings

    29 July 2021

    Underwriter took write-down on Wirecard stake in 2020